About US

The Orison wine project, started in 2011 by Daniel and Filipa ‘Pipa’ Orrison, embodies two young winemakers' desire to bring the beauty and spirit of Portugal to the United States through wine.

The Story:

A love of wine & travel brought the team together in New Zealand and has since taken them around the world in pursuit of their passion.  Combined, the husband and wife team have made wines in five different countries at a collection of the world’s top estates -  Harlan Estate & Bond Winery, Chateau Montelena, Domaine des Croix, Camille Giroud, Larkmead Winery, Pride Mountain Vineyards & Failla Winery.  Their style is a mixture of new world precision and old world instinct as they look to produce wine of unique origin and abundant value under the simple belief that authenticity and balance are paramount, in wine as in life. 


The brand stretches 2,000 cases, represented in two countries and six major markets in the United States, at a collection of the world’s top restaurants and retail stores.  While modest in accomplishment, the team has emerged as a millennial force in the wine industry for the quality of wine they make and the style by which they tell their story.    


Filipa Orrison: Filipa ‘Pipa’ Orrison is the heart and soul of the Orison brand. Originally from Portugal, Filipa graduated from the University of Coimbra with a degree in Food Engineering. Realizing that life in a Sardine factory was not her calling – her passion quickly turned towards wine. Her style of winemaking has been shaped by iconic female figures in the business – most prominently Sally Johnson of Pride Mountain Vineyards and Birgit Braunstein of Birgit Braunstein Weingut. Known for a meticulous attention to detail in the cellar and laboratory, Filipa is the perfect partner to Luis in the creation of Orison Wines.

Luis Duarte: Brought on to consult for the Orison project in 2013, Luis is considered by many the Godfather of the Alentejo. Luis has been making wine in Portugal for over 30 years and has played a key role in the region’s rise to critical acclaim around the world. The eyes and ears of the Orison project on the ground in Portugal, Luis oversees all daily winemaking responsibility and the evolution of vineyard partnerships and fruit contracts within the region.